Over my 9 years experience as video clerk/manager, I have heard some of the funniest questions about videos/movies. I've collected some of the common ones here.

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What Questions

Question #1: What's new?
There is a new release section that is 5 bays wide, and they ask me "What's new?"

Question #2: What's good?
My answer is always "we only have good movies."
Can't these people rent a movie and decide for themselves!

Question #3: Is this movie good?
This question is not quite as bad as question #2. But again, decide for yourself.

Question #4: Where are the good movies?
This question is worse than question #2. But again, decide for yourself.
I hide all the good movies in the back room!

Question #5: Is there anything in the back?
No, I do not hide the good movies in the back.
If I did, would I just give them to you if you asked?

Do You Have Questions

Question #1: Do you have ____?
The dreaded "do you have?." This is the generic variety.
Why don't most video customers look on the shelf first?

Question #2: Do you have a movie that has not been released yet?
Why do video customers immeadiately assume that EVERY movie is on video!
I constantly get asked for videos as the open in the theatre or movies that have not even open yet. WHY!
The worst one:
Summer of 1995, someone asked me for Jurassic Park 2.
I told her that it was coming out the summer of 1997. She was not happy.

Question #3: Do you have a brand new movie the day it comes out?
At least they have gotten by question #2!
Why do most customers assume that once a movie comes out, they can immeadiately rent it!
You can't.
To get a brand new movie, you either have to be there when we put them out or get lucky.

Question #4: Do you have that movie with that person in it?
If you give me enough information, I can usually figure out what the movie is.
But you have to give me some information!!
Example: One time, someone asked me for a movie that was a length of time about a man and a woman.
It took me 20 minutes to figure out that the movie was 9 1/2 Weeks!!

Question #5: Do you have _____ for sale?
Why do most video customers assume that they can buy any video for under $15.
It is not true, all movies do NOT come out for sale to the general public!!.
No, I do NOT have Titantic for sale on January 14, 1998. It has NOT even come out on video yet!!

Title Confusion

I am constantly get asked for movies that do not exist!! Here are a few examples.

Movie Asked For Actual Movie Title
"The Sheep Movie" Silence of the Lambs
"The Ibiss" The Abyss
"Shankshaw Redemption"
"Shamrock Redemption"
"Something Redemption"
The Shawshank Redemption
"Less Miserables" Les Miserables
"L. A. Law" LA Confidential
"The Cubicle" The Crucible
"Johnny Demonic"
"Johnny Memory"
"Johnny Whatever that Says"
Johnny Mnemonic
"Black Love" Black Rain
"Sea of Rain" Sea of Love

The last 2 titles were asked for the by the same person at the same time!