This is a collection of scripts that I have developed over the years to make my life easier. I have decided to share them. They are all licensed under MIT license. They come with no warranty, but I can offer email support. Most of the these scripts are still under active development. All scripts have been tested under MacOSX but they should run under any *nix.

All source code is available at

There is a little documentation (via --help command line parameter) but most of the scripts are self-explanatory.

Creates a simple online Image gallery from a set of JPEGs, e.g. my Paris pictures. It relies on ImageMagick to process the files; it uses the convert command line utility.
Contacts Exporter (ce) for MacOSX. ce will export your mailing addresses to a plain text file. The default output file is ./Addresses.txt, but that can be changed with the --out command line option. This script will only work if iCloud sync has been disabled.
Checks links in a local HTML file.
Requires several modules that can be easily installed from PyPI with the pip install lxml BeautifulSoup requests command.
Creates a tree of pictures separated into date directories. The JPEG's creation date is used, which is stored in the JPEG by the digital camera. Requires one module that can be easily installed from PyPI with the pip install pillow command.
Recursive find and replace
Powerful file renamer. Performs: substitution, removal, append, and prepend. See --help for syntax.
Cleans up Python source code files. It removes whitespace and replaces tabs with spaces. I have a tendency to switch editors. For quick editing, I'll use vim, and for extensive editing, I'll use Sublime Text 3. This seems to cause to leave whitespace on the end blank lines and other items that pep8 doesn't like.
Prints out disk usage in MBs
Kills applications by name. It is different than killall in that it can kill an app by just part of the name