2.5.1 is a bug fix release. Fixed an issue with slim jewel case labels

Splice is a label maker for: CDs, DAT tapes, 8mm tapes, and analog cassette tapes. It is primarily intended for live music, but it can be used for any label need. The setlists are stored in a simple textual fashion (see below) consisting of a header, the songs, and an optional trailer. The setlist format is designed to both easy to use (both by splice and the person creating the setlist) and easy to read.

Splice runs on any system that has Perl. It has been tested under: MacOSX, Red Hat Linux, and Windows XP.

Multiple labels can be generated with a single input file. 1 CD label, 2 cassette/8mm labels, or 3 DAT labels will be generated per page.

Splice's output is either PostScript or PDF format. Most users will choose PDF format.

If splice is configured to generate PDF output, it will automatically open the resulting label in the PDF viewer, normally Acrobat Reader.

Output Examples