All command line options can be shorted to their shortest unique form (e.g. -j for --jewelcase).

Option Explanation Default
--1column Output songs in one column down the center of the label.
implies -w9999
--8mm 8mm cassette labels Off
--addinfo [size] additional information font size 14
--cassette cassette labels Off
--dat dat labels Off
--dump Print out the input data (really only useful with --itunes) Off
--flap [size] sets the black flap font size 12
--font [font] sets the song's font Helvetica
--help short explanation of command line options None
--itunes [PlayList Name] splice will read the songs from the specified itunes playlist instead of an input file Off
--jewelcase jewel case labels On
--mix Treat the incoming setlist as mix disc input, alternating titles and artist names Off
--number Number each non-italics song Off
--postscript generate a PS file only (do not generate a PDF file) Off
--size [size] sets the song's font size 14
--slim Single CD labels are slim jewel case labels Off
--times every other song is a time field Off
--title prints a title at the top of the setlist Off
--version Print Version number None
--width [length] wrap long songs at [length] Off