Splice's configuration file is named either splice.rc (Windows) or .splicerc (MacOSX/Unix). The configuration file resides in the following platform specific location.

HOME directory
HOME directory (must be set as environment variable)

Parameter Purpose
ps2pdfPath full path to ps2pdf
pdfViewPath path to the PDF viewer (MacOSX,Unix)
aliasFile full path to the alias file
inFile default name for splice's input file
type default output label type
wrapWidth default song wrap width
oneColumn output the songs in one column?
printTitles print the label title above the songs?
slim single CD labels are slim jewel case labels?
rotate rotate the songs by 90 degrees?
generateSideLabels print labels above each side/disc?
cdDateLabels create date labels if present for CDs?
flipSpine rotate the top spine by 180 degrees? tape labels only.
numberEachSong pre-pend each song with a number?
useTimes use time fields?
fillerTitle print filler title?
postscript generate Postscript not PDF
psViewPath Path to the PS viewer
dolby Dolby symbol to print