Splice Label Maker : History

Splice was converted to use Perl, which will make it platform independent.

Splice started as a collection of Unix programs that produce j-card labels for both cassette and DAT tapes. The set lists are stored in a simple text format. The j-card is printed out to a laser printer mounted on the Unix system.

I started working on the splice family of programs in January 1993. It started out as a simple idea to make the input files to Jamie Zawinski's postscript program, audio-tapes.ps. The first version of splice only handled analog tapes, and it had 2 command line options. The latest version of splice (the main program of the set) has 23 command line options.It has come a long way; the whole set of programs currently totals over 3000 lines of C, Perl, and Bourne shell code.

April 2001, I have re-written splice in Perl. By converting splice to Perl, splice was able to be platform- independent. It will run on any system that supports Perl. I have run it on: Solaris, Free BSD, Red Had Linux, Windows XP, and MacOSX.