Splice Installation Instructionss

Last Updated 3/30/14

splice.pl is a Perl script for creating labels for CDs, cassette tapes, 8mm tapes, and DAT tapes. These instructions are specific for a Unix like system. Email me for a Windows system.

To create PDF files, splice relies on GhostScript. GhostScript is installed on most Linux systems. It can be easily installed on MacOSX via MacPorts with the command

    port install ghostscript
Dr. Richard Koch has created a clickable MacOSX installer for GhostScript, which can be downloaded from http://pages.uoregon.edu/koch. This is very easy and quick way to install GhostScript on any MacOSX system with at least 10.4 installed.

Files Included:

makefile make file for easy installation
splice.pl splice source
splice.rc initialization file
splice.1 nroff formatted file man file
readme.html this file
license.txt splice's license
Splice directory of support files (perl modules)


  1. sudo make install
  2. make rc

The make rc step should not be run as root. It is coping the splice.rc to your home directory: splice uses this file for your preferences.

External Perl Modules

Starting with version 2.0 splice relies on an external module to parse the iTunes XML file.

splice will continue to parse standard song input files without this module installed.
Mac::iTunes::Library can be installed from CPAN.


Available at http://www.scholnick.net/splice/

splice is freeware released under the MIT license.