The set lists are stored in a simple textual fashion. Here are a few code samples:

The Black Crowes - Milwaukee, WI - 5/18/91
1 CD
Twice As Hard/ Thick 'n' Thin/ You're Wrong/ Stare It Cold/ Seeing Things/ Sister Luck/ Hard to Handle/ Thorn in My Pride/ Shake Em On Down/ Get Back-> Walk With Jesus/ She Talks to Angels/ Dreams/Boomer's Story/ Jealous Again

Bruce Hornsby - Pittsburgh, PA 5/17/96
2 CDs
The Way It Is/Spider Fingers/Rainbow's Cadillac ->Franklin's Tower tease -> Amen/Stranded on Easy Street/China Doll/Fields of Gray/Under the Boardwalk/ Loser tease ->Scarlet Begonias/Big Rumble/Every Little Kiss/Changes/Western Skyline->That Would Be Something->When I Paint My Masterpiece/White Wheeled Limousine ->Mr. Peace/Walk in the Sun/Carry the Water

Dave Matthews Band - Pittsburgh, PA 6/15/96
2 CDs
Star Lake Amphitheater
2nd Row: CSB-mics -> Sony D7
Best Of What's Around/Recently/Two Step/Crash/Tripping Billies/#41/Say Goodbye/Drive In, Drive Out/Cry Freedom/True Reflections/Jimi Thing/Too Much/ All Along the Watchtower/Satellite/Ants Marching


The set lists follow a simple pattern:

Band Name - Title - Date
# number of items
Venue or other information
song titles

The date, title, and "venue information" fields are optional. By default, splice expands the first line of the "venue information" to "Recorded at". The end of each song title is specified by either a "->" (for a medley) or the standard "/". The end of each side is specified by a "|". Besides the characters needed to separate the songs, any printable character can be used. To insert a separator as the part of a song, see below.

Tape Labels

The setlist can be just a list of songs with song separators; you do not need to specify the end of the sides. When no end of side delimiters are present splice will automatically calculate the end of sides by putting an equal number of songs on each side. Splice just needs to know the end of each side specified. It does NOT matter if it is the end of side A of the first tape or side B of the second tape. Splice figures out what the tape number is and which side on the fly.

CD Labels

CD labels are treated differently than tape labels. When the number of discs is 1, splice prints the setlist center on the back cover. When the number of CDs is greater than 1, the songs are evenly split over the left-hand and right-hand sides of the label. This allows for jewel cases that hold 3,4, or even 6 discs. "|" can be used to indicate a side of the page break. Only the first "|" is honored, the rest are ignored.

Special Characters

The continuation characters (> and /) can be embedded in a song by using their "escaped" version. > gives a >, while &slash; yields a /. In both cases, the "escape" sequence can be surrounded by any amount of whitespace, which is ignored. Songs can be rendered in italics by surrounding the song in brackets, {}. This is generally used for small fillers.


If the useTimes option is specified either on the command line or in the the config file, splice treats every other song as the amount of time for the song. For code-sample:

Led Zeppelin - New York City 7/21/73
2 CDs
Rock and Roll/3:15/Celebration Day/2:30/Bring It On Home/1:10/...

The resulting label will have the song length next to each song. All "extra" whitespace will be stripped out. Extra whitespace is defined as more than one space separating any two words. Blank lines can be inserted anywhere.