t2t installation instructions

Last Updated 03/28/2014

t2t.pl is a Perl script for converting delimited text to HTML tables. These instructions are specific for a Unix like system. Email me for a Windows system.

Files Included:
t2t.pl t2t source
t2t.rc sample initialization file
t2t.1 nroff formatted file
makefile makefile for easy installation
readme.html this file
license.txt t2t's license
T2t directory of support files (perl modules)


As of version 5.0, t2t comes with a makefile. You can use it or follow the instructions below. You may need to be root to install t2t. It should work "as is" out of the box.

External Perl Modules

Starting with version 6.0 t2t relies on three external modules to parse Excel, OpenOffice, and CSV files. The modules are:

t2t will continue to parse ASCII delimited files without these modules installed. These modules can all be installed from CPAN. Installing Spreadsheet::Read will install all three modules that t2t uses.

You Have Root Access

  1. cd to the t2t installation directory
  2. sudo make

No Root Access

  1. Copy the T2t directory to a directory. Edit your environment variable PERL5LIB to contain the parent directory of the T2t directory
  2. Copy t2t.pl to your personal bin directory (e.g. /Users/steve/bin) and rename it to t2t
  3. Copy t2t.rc to $HOME/.t2trc
  4. Copy t2t.1 to your personal man directory.


Available at http://www.scholnick.net/t2t